Department Authorization Form
This form should be completed by any department who uses Telecom services. It identifies your department's persons with authority plus liaisons for particular areas of responsibilities. Submitted email addresses will be added to targeted distribution lists and are the only addresses we will add to Telecom's Outage Notification group. Unfilled roles will remain blank and your department may not receive those targeted communications.

The County Coworker Phone Form
This combines & replaces the previous (5) colored request forms:

  1. New Deskphone Service
  2. Deskphone Move/Change
  3. Cellular New/Change
  4. Voicemail/Password Reset
  5. Trouble Report

New WCPSN User Form
The New WCPSN User Form should be completed for new staff of any law enforcement or fire/EMS department that utilizes Warren County Public Safety Network products & services. This replaces the PAMR form and better aligns with how our partners have begun using Telecom’s Help Desk for deactivations/terminations. Anyone listed on your Department’s Authorization Form (DAF) can submit a New WCPSN User Form to The User will be required to provide a valid State or Federal photo ID.