About Us
  • The purpose and mission of AuxComm is to provide reliable alternate communications support for Warren County Telecommunications. Members volunteer their services for the purpose of supporting auxiliary communications for Emergency Management.
  • Warren County AuxComm is made up of ham radio operators with a demonstrated understanding of communication technology. To be an effective member of the Warren County AuxComm Unit, members need to have a basic level of proficiency with electrical, electronic and RF technology concepts.
  • The membership criteria are based on the understanding, and practical implementation of concepts presented in the Amateur Radio Technical Class license requirements.
In Person Meetings
  • Warren County AuxComm is not a ham radio club and as such does not have a regular public meeting time and location. See the “Get Involved” section for more information about how you can become a part of AuxComm. Members are provided with information on activities, meetings and training.
On the Air
  • WC8EMA is the call sign of Warren County AuxComm
  • We host several repeaters within Warren County.
  • Training nets occur on the 2nd and 4th Mondays at 8:30pm on the Primary repeater.
  • We encourage all hams in and around Warren County to program our basic band plan into their radio so we can communicate easily when working together for any reason. Our band plan is name and channel based and is listed below.
Basic Band Plan
146.865 (-) 118.8 ED Primary Repeater (Lebanon) PRMRY
444.1875 (+) 118.8 ED Central Repeater (Lebanon) (mixed mode repeater)
FM Analog using 118.8 tone set to encode and decode
P25 using NAC $4A4 and Talkgroup 9083 (Warren Local)
443.150 (+) Miami Valley P25 Site
Talkgroup: 9371 MV Link, NAC $4CE (wide area)
Talkgroup : 9001 Site Local, NAC $831 (single site)
831 LEB
145.550 118.8 ED Event Simplex Frequency EVENT
147.490 Simplex Tactical Frequency 1 TAC-1
146.480 Simplex Tactical Frequency 2 TAC-2
145.580 Simplex Tactical Frequency 3 TAC-3
147.520 Simplex Tactical Frequency 4 TAC-4
147.520 Simplex Tactical Frequency 5 TAC-5
145.610 Simplex Tactical Frequency 6 TAC-6
147.550 Simplex Tactical Frequency 7 TAC-7
146.540 Simplex Tactical Frequency 8 TAC-8
145.640 Simplex Tactical Frequency 9 TAC-9
147.580 Simplex Tactical Frequency 10 TAC-10
446.025 118.8 ED UHF Simplex Tactical Frequency 1 UTac-1
446.050 118.8 ED UHF Simplex Tactical Frequency 2 UTac-2
446.075 118.8 ED UHF Simplex Tactical Frequency 3 UTac-3
446.100 118.8 ED UHF Simplex Tactical Frequency 4 UTac-4
446.125 118.8 ED UHF Simplex Tactical Frequency 5 UTac-5
E = encode / transmit PL to other radios D = decode / receive PL from other radios to open squelch
Get Involved
Get Your License
  • A Technician class ham radio license is a requirement of volunteers.
  • We work with regional testing groups to host a couple of testing sessions each year and those will be announced and advertised when available. In addition to our testing there are several ham radio clubs which facilitate regular testing.
  • ARRL link to find nearby exams by zip code: Click Here