Our Team

With more than 300 years of combined service to Warren County, the team members of Telecom exemplify customer service and collaboration. Breaking the walls of standard org chart silos, Telecom operates in cross-functional teams with primary and backup roles. Maintaining Public Safety Technology requires that our team members not only know their area of responsibility but that we also back each other up. A back-up will often come from another team as to share knowledge and expertise. Several teams have on-call personnel during evenings and weekends should our public safety or county customers need our assistance.

Telecom operates within a 4-team structure who all receive support and guidance from Telecom Leadership (Director, Deputy Director, Public Safety Systems Manager, and Community Manager).

  • Infrastructure Systems - this 5-person team is a merger between the former Telephone Systems Team and the networking personnel of Data Systems. With our Telephone System switching to VOIP in 2017, the traditional sense of telephone is no more; rather migrating to a networking, IP system. Responsibilities include physical and virtual servers, networking (LAN, WAN, Cellular), Security (Infection Management, Intrusion Detection, Patch Management), Desk phone configuration and troubleshooting, Running drops and data lines,
  • Radio Systems - this 3-person team comprises of a Manager, Supervisor, and Technician III. Responsible for tower site maintenance, radio maintenance and programming, this team saves our customers thousands of dollars by repairing and programming Warren County radios in-house, instead of by private companies.
  • Data Systems—this 7-person team carries an enormous load of responsibility and technical know-how. A merger of the former CAD/RMS team and the analysts/technicians from DST, they handle the design, troubleshooting, and maintenance of must-have products for our customers: Mobile Data Computers, Electronic Patient Care Reporting, Fire Records Management, Law Records Management, Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mapping, Security, Standard Operating Environment, Mobile Connectivity, License Plate Readers, Heart Monitor Connectivity, IT Support for Emergency Services, Wants + Warrants, LEADS Main Terminal, Portal Access for agencies to access secure content, User Account Management, Monthly Reporting, 9-1-1,
  • Support Services—this 4-person team handles accounts receivable and accounts payable on behalf ot Telecom, shipping/receiving, office supply ordering, room maintenance, cellular procurement + service, payroll, engraving, County switchboard, and asset disposal.